quote The Wierdo in the Back

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Cousin It.”

Unfortunately (or fortunately) the cousin it in my family is me. Maybe Lolo, my aunt, too. But definitely me in my immediate family.

Cause Reasons:

  • I’m the only one who likes cats
  • I’m go with the flow head in clouds dreamy flower child where they plan things out and execute (not my dad so much)
  • The cheapest one, I shop at thrift stores and dont pay attention to the label
  • The only introvert in the house (except the cat)
  • I hold most of the unpopular opinions (Tyler Perry is the worst)
  • The only one who doesn’t actively watch basketball
  • I’ve always carried a book to social events
  • I’m the only would who would actually move to a different state out of the blue (this a theory, I don’t think they’ve had the opportunity)

Long story short I’m the one that no one in my family can quite put their finger on because im so…flighty? Spontaneous? More than likely I’m going to be the crazy auntie Asha who travels everywhere, teaches the children show tunes and makes them create their own plays in the living room and lets the children do things their parents wont like give them gluten and chocolate before bed.

Mwahaha I love it.


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