“You worry bout the wrong things, the wrong things” -Kanye 

**Peeks over reading glasses **

Hey Y’all. What’s up? Sooooooo…. I have some questions, along with a read in my soul in spirit.

But first let’s pull out a timeline.

On June 17th a white man named Dylan Roof entered Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina during bible study succeeding in his intention to kill as many black people as he could. They caught Dylan roof, escorted him to the police car in a bulletproof vest (so to protect the man who shot and killed 9 people; not to mention assassinated a state senator and head pastor of the church).

On June 21st in Knoxville, Tennessee, Church hill Seventh Day Adventist was set on fire. Thus began a string of southern Black church burnings, which as of today are 7 and not a coincidence.

Got that? Ok next set of facts real quick..

On June 26th the Supreme Court pulled a Beyoncé and legalized all marriages. When I tell you things almost fell apart on social media?! Not only was it LGBTQA Pride Month, but also it was the big weekend in which everything climaxes to a rainbow street parade.

This is where my read comes in y’all welcome to the library….

So when I tell I saw so many posts bashing this celebration of equality and love…. So many (famous and non famous) “Christians” were saying this was the downfall of life as we know it and threatening to get divorced and setting themselves on fire because gay people can now marry the people they love.

Before I begin I would like to state that I am a Christian who believes in the teachings of Jesus Christ and that He died for our sins. I also believe in love like I believe in God and air (which to be honest are all the same thing) and IF someone truly loves (I don’t mean lets take ig pictures all day or fake stunt or buy each other things or “the show”) another person how can anyone say that what they’re doing is wrong? How can I speak against the only thing that keeps me grounded? I believe in love for myself, for the people I have relationships with and the people I interact with. That’s the black ass bottom-line.

So on the one hand here we have people losing their shit over the legalization of gay marriage. Super church pastors and closeted choir directors and even the people who never go to church; not even for Easter and Mother’s Day , speaking up and out against the “abomination.”

Remember those church burnings I talked about earlier?

Well these same people yelling and flailing about gay marriage (which really to be honest has nothing to do with you unless you or your baby mama/zaddy or even in some rare cases husband/wife is gay but alas….) have been quiet as a black child in the candy store when their mama told them through clenched teeth, “Don’t touch a thing when we walk in this store or else.”

 Why is it when there is a direct correlation to our black Christian churches being burned down y’all got nothing to say? 

Why when asked about it , the only thing you will say is that “All we can do is pray”. 

Do you know who else was praying?

Those victims when they were gunned down in cold blood.

That baby who had to pretend to be dead so she could live. 

That isn’t to say it was any fault of the victims or that prayer isn’t useful. But there needs to be action COUPLED with prayer. God (for me) doesn’t move unless you’re moving too.

Oh hey White Christians **waves**.

Why is it that y’all got so much to say about there not being any Adam and Steve but you have yet to even find out what the blacklivesmatter hashtag is even about? 

Why is it that you don’t speak out against the systematic murders of black men (and women but NO ONE mentions them but that’s a different story all together.)?

I’m so damn sick of having to defend myself and y’all despite how fucking loud and wrong you can be.

Do me a favor? Shut the fuck up and scream about something useful. Use your voice to bash hate and mind your own fucking business when it comes to whom people  like to go home with after the club y’all both shaking ass in.

Ok? Ok. Amen. Namaste. 


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