Advice from the boy 

A year ago my brother told me something so so important. I was going through not having a job feeling/ stuck /miserable over my ex. And I was furious when I found out that they had been in contact (along with my best friend and mother but I didn’t find that out until later). 

 When I tried to tell him about himself. Loyalty family bla bla bla….all he said was , “Don’t try to block someone else from their blessing because you’re mad at them. What’s coming to them will come regardless of what you do. So why waste the energy. Worry about yourself and what’s coming for you will be there when your ready.” 

All this from a 16 year old boy who I was pretty sure up until that point only cared about his outfits and being an Instagram model. 

Yesterday we were all talking to a family friend and he said the same thing. “I told Asha the same thing, now look at her. Glo’d up. Hair skin and soul moisturized.” ( I added the last part but you get it.) 

Use today to forgive the people who hurt or keep hurting you. Send them love even though you don’t want to. Your gifts, blessings, spiritual chicken bucket will come. 


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