While I was on the Ferry

 The necessity to get her mind right on the commute to church was the only thing she considered when she left the house; not the fact that she needed headphones. Or maybe it was the Spirit leading her to share the good news to the heathens who hadn’t included church in their Sunday morning plans.
     As much as she was paying attention to her YouTube videos of “Morning Praise and Worship”,she bounced her eyes quickly to the children that sat beside her. And it’s a good thing she did because to her horror she saw them laughing and putting their fingers into odd positions that couldn’t be anything but gang signs. She turned to them so swiftly her white flowered hat nearly fell off her head. “Put your hands down and stop doing them gang signs!” Her heavy Jamaican accent cut through their laughter.
The little girl quickly put her hands down into her heavily ruffled pink lap but the little boy in the over sized navy blue suit and polka dot socks, quickly spoke up. “ Its not gang signs! We’re playing rock, paper, scissors say shoot! Look!” He proceeded to urge the little girl to play a slowed down version to show their mother that their hands weren’t engaged in anything but child’s play. With that the white hat promptly turned back the her Youtube videos, annoyed that she wasted precious minutes.
The little girl paused the game to reach into one of the many Whole Foods shopping bags for a tissue to blow her nose. Her heavy pink bow flopped to the front of her head as she reached deeper and deeper into the abyss of plastic until she finally found one. Suddenly, a caribbean accented crew member signaled the crew for docking. The little girl and boy laughed loudly saying “He’s Jamaican!” Their laughter was filled with knowing the familiarity of the accent and pride in having one of their own in a position of visibility and power. Their mother didn’t care about this; the voice signaled nothing but a trip to the bathroom and from there, moving to the front of boat to catch her train to church as quickly as possible.

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