Sweet 16

Dear crazy, funny, scared,16 year old Asha, 

      First and foremost you don’t even realize how amazing you are. I know you catch glimpses of it here and there but just wait, you are so dope!

You need to not worry about the relationship you just got out of. You don’t love him even though you think you do. Your first love is coming and what you’re about to experience is so magical than what you thought love was. With it, though, comes it’s own set of problems. Pay attention to your feelings and it’s ok to feel them. Everything happens for a reason. You aren’t going to hate your parents forever. Don’t shy away from God and use every opportunity to get closer to him.

Don’t shy away from being a writer! You are so good! Practice every single day.

You aren’t weird. You aren’t shy. You aren’t bougie or stuck up. You are an introvert and almost half the population gets why you can make friends easily but hate talking to new people or that you hate public speaking. You have quiet power babe use it! 

STAY WOKE. Not everyone is your friend and they aren’t supposed to be. You aren’t going to like everybody either. Good. 

Stop lying. It’s horrible and no one will trust(although it’ll aide in being able to write fiction) you.

Stand up for yourself and stop letting people take advantage of your kindness. 

Love yourself. Believe in yourself. Focus and embrace the light and love that you are.

Love, 22 year old Asha; a work in progress but inarguably dope as fuck




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