Stay Open

Yesterday I was sitting at my computer trying to study. I say try because like the good procrastinator I am, my mind started to drift. I was taken back first kiss with my  ex. Actually, it was our second kiss. For Our real first kiss, I was drunk in the back of our friends car. Our second kiss…our second kiss was perfect. The set up. The background.
Anyway, I was reminded of how beautiful it was. How nice it was to drop your walls and allow yourself to fall into another person. I snapped back into the present with one small sentence:

” I want that again”

That sentence is so loaded. I don’t know how long it’s been since I’ve allowed myself the space to process the necessity of the knowledge of those feelings.

So I talked to God and specifically asked for someone I can talk to and will play in my hair.


All I’m gonna say is that God will surely answer you when you specifically ask for the things you want.

This thought led me to another  thought.

If I actually got what I asked for would I let myself have it? Would I be ready?

Currently the answer is no.

But I’m not gonna let that stop me from receiving it. There’s power in allowing the process anyway.


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