The sweetest thing I’ve ever known…

So for the past few weeks, my life has been focusing on love. The books I’ve been reading to the people in my life to the strangers I encounter.  I started to analyze how we interact with the actual emotion. Unfortunately, I noticed the sad truth. We’re always trying to fight love. We try to get away from it. We disturb love’s process with our insecurities and allow fear to take over  for potentially crucial moments.

The crazy thing is that despite all this drama. We want it the most. Whether we realize it or not, our lives are surrounded by it. Our body and mind craves it. The obvious, of course, is romantic love with another person. We want companionship and partnership and the beautiful aspects that we experience with it. Like letting the sunshine wake you up while their hands are tangled in your afro. Or them noticing your headphones are trash so they buy you new ones in your favorite color. But to step away from the cliché, we also run away from DOING what we love. The next step you might need to be successful is so hard to reach because you refuse to allow yourself to take it. You refuse love even to yourself. You won’t accept your gifts or the things that make you unique and special. We are literally running from these things that we desire. Why are we so afraid to get the love we ask for. When it finally begins to manifest, how many times do we ignore it? How many times do we look for the flaws in whatever is being set and just pick up our purse and say “NOPE”.

But what’s supposed to happen will anyway so you might as well just let it go.

Don’t pull away when they kiss your hair.


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