La Buena Vida

It is a plight to live in this society and be burdened with two continuous streams of thought: I have to keep my phone on me at all times at the very least in case of emergency and I wish I could throw the damned thing into the Hudson and free myself of the internet’s shackles.
 In Costa Rica I had every intention of putting my phone in my bag and ignoring it for most, if not all of the trip. But of course I had to contact my loved ones in the U.S that I was safe and sound. Then of course I had to take as many photos as I could so I could help said loved ones to experience what I was as much as possible. Then of course there was the matter of continuing to do my work while I was there. I feel like 30% of my trip was lived through my phone and I hate it. Imagine what else I missed? What I could have experienced? What I could have felt? 
When I fly, I always sit by the window. To face my fear of heights and I love landing and seeing the details of wherever I’m going. In Guancastè, pink and orange clouds spurted forth from an unseen source. I’m a drama queen so my mind immediately went to gunfire, but really it was an active volcano making its presence known after so many years of dormancy. 
Playa Opital’s section of the ocean was tumultuous. The waves were foreboding; crashing violently at the shoreline; it was as if it was taunting us. Knowing we needed to go in for relief from the 90 degree humidity but threatening to devour us as soon as our ankles adjusted to the water’s temperature. Ya’ll know where I was because I’m not that foolish to challenge the Ocean.It should be a feared and respected thing; just like the jungle, just like volcanoes. But my uncle knew better and led us away to something I can only describe as an extremely small lagoon. The hardened volcanic matter formed small shallow pools with entire worlds inside them. 
“Thank You”. I dipped my head under and floated in the peaceful and crisp  pool with my grandmother. Algae huddled together feels like damp velvet. Sea urchins are so tiny and unassuming. I wanted to put him in the palm of my hand and flip him over and over until I figured out all of his parts. I didn’t. Little silver fish darted in and out of their respective caves, with air of annoyance I might add because my grandmother and I were disturbing their commute. A dog ( the dogs seem to belong to everyone and no one all at once) joined us to frantically dig for a rock. Once he found it though, he happily took it in his mouth, walked a few feet, put it down and ran away. I collected water in a bottle and picked up a shell as a souvenir on the way out. The shell was still occupied by hermit crab. He looked disoriented so I apologized and put him back.

      My second to last night we ate at the resort restaurant on the beach. I excused myself from the table and walked to the edge of the ocean. From where I stood, it seemed as though horizon , moon,stars and my body were lined up perfectly with each other. I stood in silence and allowed myself to feel. The ocean, with it’s split personality, was terrifyingly romantic. I didn’t feel alone but I felt so small in comparison to what was going on around me. And that’s all I have for you because how do I describe the different energies of God in completely different yet all awe-inspiring entities? I offered a prayer of gratitude and asked for the things I needed. 

      Costa Rica gave me some things but I definitely didn’t experience what I needed to and it’s my own fault. The next time I go I’ll respect the experience and unplug. 

Thats not dirt it’s black sand

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