For Alton, Philando and the Rest.

The sticky air didn’t feel as good in NYC as it did in Louisiana. In fact it made a point to wrap it’s arms around my throat and squeeze as a declaration and threat in an effort to be acknowledged.

Got it.

I stepped into the grass. My yoga mat felt heavier than it should. I laid on the mat and tried to realign my Chakras; desperately focusing on colors that didn’t reflect and absorb one another. I closed my eyes and made an effort to finally feel.

My eyes. 

It’s amazing that it took two men that I didn’t know to realize that that’s where the soul resides.That when you look people in the eye you’re witnessing their truest intentions.

We shouldn’t have had to watch their souls leave. 

Their souls should still be here. 

But they aren’t. They took them.

Rest Eternal. 


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