I hate that my blog is public. Well, I don’t hate my blog or its publicity. I don’t even hate that there are people actually following me. I just think it’s really embarrassing that my family and friends can read it too. It’s something about people that actually know you getting a chance to see what’s going on. It’s embarrassing to me.

Whenever someone I know compliments me, I barely manage to mumble a “thank you” and try my hardest not to combust into flames or just fold into myself.

But then at the same time, I didn’t consider myself a writer until I actually started hitting the publish button. I didn’t see it as something I NEEDED to do. But then as I continued I realized there was nothing else I could be doing. I have to write or I’ll probably actually burst into flames.

My blog is combination of a challenge I set for myself and a rambling of nonsense that I care about and personal goings on in my life.

Thank You for paying attention!


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  1. I had to comment because this made me laugh out loud. Mostly because before I ever pressed publish for the first time a couple of days ago I felt the exact same way. Here’s to putting ourselves out there!

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